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Virtual Assistant


- Cold emailing clients

- Arranging meetings

- Liaising with clients to ensure they get information needed

- Selling meetings (not services)

- Cold contacting clients; phone, messaging, social media etc

- Developing outreach methods

- Recording looms/writing scripts to engage potential clients


As a Virtual Assistant, your job will be to contact large quantities of customers using scripts provided or your own, whether this be emailing or calling (you can also record looms if deemed effective). You will need to source tools/methods that allow you to find and locate emails or customers. Your job is to sell a meeting with Thomas or Brandon – NOT to sell the services Variety Agency offer.

Your job is open to growth as Variety takes off and gains more clients, the more time and effort you put in – the more you will get out of it. It could lead to selling the services Variety Agency offer and closing clients in the future.


You will be employed on a commission basis, this will be discussed during your interview.


Gmail – Gmail is the hub of the business. You will use this to contact all prospects and this is the first impression they will receive of the company. You will be provided with a log in on acceptance into Variety Agency.

Email Template – You will be provided with a script that you can use when sending emails, you may choose to write and test your own.


You will receive induction training on how to use each tool, generate leads and conduct your role. Along your tenure with Variety you will get constructive coaching and feedback ensuring you are able to complete your role to the highest standard.



- Understanding of Digital Marketing

- Experience in similar job is desirable

- Understanding of basic IT

- Confident to new companies and people

- Professional, can-do attitude

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