About Variety

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Our Story

Founded in the United Kingdom, Variety Agency consists of strategists and marketing professionals worldwide. Our strengths include comprehensive market research, global networking and highly effective ad buying.

Variety is your one-stop media marketing agency. Our strength in running paid campaigns to attract more customers, sales, and traffic to your business makes us an invaluable media partner.


We are the agency to work with when you want to achieve dynamic results.

Head Office

Our head office is based in the heart of England, this office is well placed to cater to all of the United Kingdom and the European Union.


Thomas Hall


Born with entrepreneurial initiative, Thomas set Variety up after noticing a gap in the industry that needed filling. With growing experience, he is able to help companies grow and gain results using well planned strategies. No task phases Thomas, he dedicates all his time into ensuring he can produce results and service his clients. 

Team Variety

Image of Nathan Hall, Client Manager at Variety Agency.

Nathan Hall

Client Manager

With client relations at heart, Nathan has worked in the sales and hospitality industry for many years. Nathan's positive persona allows him to offer quality services to Variety Agency's clients. He is able to efficiently coordinate all services to ensure customers are catered for.